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It is generally said that a good film must always be completed by a great soundtrack, because it contributes to its success and fame.

In a way or another, each of them is influencing the other one’s performance. Also, the film scores are easily translated into beautiful piano sheets because of their great variety of notes.

But most of times, due to the fact that music is much faster spread than films, it triggers the source, making people interested in the use of the song in the movie to practice on their pianos.

So they decide to watch the film. Or, the other way around: they see the movie, enjoy it and at a certain moment, they discover that there is something, during a certain scene, that sounds good… then they search for the soundtrack and this is how they might find a song that becomes their favorite, they play it on repeat or they even play it with instruments, like guitar, piano and so on.

This might be the case of "Married Life", which is a song that belongs to Michael Giacchino, a famous composer and artist of the field, whose name is associated with numerous successful soundtracks all over the world.

The song was played during the film called "Up", whose score was nominated to numerous awards. Two of the most important awards the score received were constituted by the Grammy Awards Best Score Soundtrack Album for a Motion Picture, Television or Other Visual Media and Best Instrumental Composition for "Married Life".

This event brought Michael even more appreciation than before. His name became really important in all the discussion related to the film and its score.

The awards being brought into discussion, there should be mentioned other ones that the score was nominalized to, like the Golden Globe Award for Best Original Score at 67th Golden Globe Awards, the Academy Award for Best Original Score at the 82nd Academy Awards, BAFTA Award for Best Film Music. These are only some of the examples, all proving the excellence of the artist.

Soft and kind, the notes of the song might be seen as the audio representation of the landscape of the numerous colored balloons in the film, so the song stimulates creation and imagination. The song is pleasant and it can be played in a great manner as piano or guitar song, or probably any other instrument, due to the variation in notes it has.

In conclusion, "Married Life" seems not only a nice and relaxing, or maybe entertaining for some of us, when hearing it, but also a great song to practice your skills when playing it. It is complex, it is nice and now its piano sheet is offered for free.

Piano tutorial and cover

Married Life - Michael Giacchino piano tutorial

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