Keira Knightley - Like A Fool sheet music

Both beautiful and talented, appreciated yet not bossy, Keira Knightley continues to surprise her fans, making them proud and happy for supporting her activities.

Lately, it seems that the famous actress also gained her rename as a singer.

And what could a delicate lady sing about, if not love?

This is the idea around which one of the songs she has been playing, called Like a Fool, was built.

The free Like a Fool piano sheets were included in the repertoire of melodies that compose the soundtrack for the romantic musical drama Begin Again.

The message of the song might be interpreted, but this time not in so various ways because the idea is not that complicated.

The singer, in this case, Keira, blames her lover, or almost lover, for the pain she had to deal with it because of his actions.

As expected, she is not talking about physical pain, but more about heartache.

Still, as in numerous dramas all over the world and time, the woman continued to bear in her soul all the love she had for the man who was not making her happy.

With all her delicacy, the lady, in the final part of the song, uses a less elegant vocabulary, full of sadness and maybe, this time, rage. But not rage on the boy as much as rage on herself for not being able to control her feelings.

As mentioned above, this song, Like A Fool, contributed to the artist’s success but, considering the fact that it appeared as a soundtrack of a movie, it also raised the film’s success.

Lots of fans enjoyed the free Like a Fool piano sheet music and even now associate the song with the movie. The critics appreciated Keira’s performance.

In addition, one important fact to mention is that the actress-singer is performing more songs during the film.

A remarkable thing is the importance of the instruments that are accompanying Keira’s voice, like piano, guitar, and others, making the notes sound more than great.

All these being said, the film should be watched, and moreover, if you watch it, pay attention to the soundtrack, and you will probably be amazed: good voice, nice lyrics, great instruments, all of them in perfect harmony with the story of the film.

And if you want to play one of the songs, why don’t you start with Like a Fool?

All you have to do is…start. Enjoy this beautiful song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Like A Fool - Keira Knightley piano tutorial

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