Five for Fighting - Superman (It's Not Easy) sheet music

"Superman (It's Not Easy)" is a song by the United States singer and songwriter known as Five for Fighting.

Recorded in the year 2000, the song was featured as single number two for the album "America Town". The official release date was April 2001, when it was released on the CD single format, but it was first released in 2000. This soft rock song was written by John Ondrasik himself and produced by Gregg Wattenberg.

The free Superman (It's Not Easy) piano sheet music is a beautiful mix of Soft rock‎, Piano rock‎ and Pop rock‎ musical genres.

In the United States, the song "Superman (It's Not Easy)" debuted at place 38 on the US Billboard Hot 100 charts, on October 27, 2001.

It reached as high as number 14 on the Hot 100 charts. At the 2002 edition of the Grammy Awards, the single was nominated for the Best Pop Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals category.

A music video was released for the song, featuring director Ramaa Mosley and recorded in spring-summer 2001. It was officially released in June that year. One of the scenes was filmed in Toronto, Ontario, at the Yonge Street, as well as on the Richmond Street. Ondrasik is featured in a scene staying in bed alongside his family: son and wife.

This scene appears towards the end of the video.

The song appeared first in a TV show called "Smallville", which concentrates around a Superman story. First, "Superman (It's Not Easy)" made its appearance in an episode called "Stray", in the first season of the show. Later, when Smallville hit the third season, it reappeared in an intro for episode number twelve, called "Hereafter". Comedian Conan O’Brien covered the song in 2010, when he was on a tour. Its performance was aided by actor Jim Carrey’s appearance in a Superman suit and a duet was created.

"Superman (It's Not Easy)" also appeared in another TV show, called "Dawson’s Creek".

First, it was featured on the second episode of the fourth season, then on the soundtrack. It was also featured as a backing song for a BBC special called "The Story So Far", for the Match of the Day event, which took place during the ending of the World Cup.

The song managed to chart moderately worldwide, with only place 54 in Belgium, 43 in the Netherlands, 48 in the United Kingdom.

Some territories received it better though, the single managing to get to the top 20 of the Australian, Irish, Italian, Norwegian charts. In New Zealand, it peaked at the second place, while in the US it topped the Adult Top 40 charts and seconded the Adult Contemporary charts.

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