30H!3 - Don't Trust Me sheet music

The song we are about to talk about is not the nicest of songs, but music is awesome because of its diversity, not only cultural implications and themes like love or religion, so we hope to reach an open-minded audience with our articles.

Having been certified gold by RIAA in 2009 and Platinum multiple times, we assure it that "Don’t Trust Me" from 30H!3’s second album is no left over and it has its qualities, despite its flaws.

30H!3 is a band that is not for everyone, because they use aggressive bass lines with sometimes aggressive words, but their music hits us just with its uniqueness and rawness, that should not be labeled as bad music instantly by anyone who calls himself a music lover.

Their dynamic and style seems to be unequaled, because few people that do what they do are successful, so you could say that 30H!3 has made it.

The best proof is that they have made it on BossPiano, where we aim to provide you with the best songs available, the "Don’t Trust Me" piano sheet being one of those cases.

The Request feature. Until then, enjoy Don’t Trust Me and this educational piano sheet with its tutorial video.

Piano tutorial and cover

Don't Trust Me - 30H!3 piano tutorial

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