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"Feeling Good" is a song originally written for a 1964 musical, but mostly known from 1965 when Nina Simone recorded it for her album "I Put a Spell on You".

Since then, many artists have covered the song, including rock band Muse and jazz-rock interpret Michael Buble. The song has just gotten popular a whole two years after Nina’s recording of it, when it was featured for a commercial.

Having been sampled a lot by artists all over the world and from different time periods, the song is clearly a successful one, that spread so fast internationally that it can be easily called a sensation.

We will now proceed with presenting the Muse version of the song, for which we have attached its piano sheet and a video tutorial along.

The music video is surreal, presenting a deformed world, inside a red-painted room, where people with deformed figures crawl on the walls.

Rose petals are also falling from the ceiling, so that adds to the atmosphere. The song has been used in lots of media in the last couple of years, most importantly being the beautiful Will Smith movie called "Seven Pounds".

Featured on their second album, "Origin of Symmetry", "Feeling Good" got a place in top 5 cover versions in a 2008 poll on Total Guitar and in 2010 it actually was called the greatest cover song of all time by NME.

The lyrics are pretty well known, they are pretty positive, as a contrast with Muse’s video, which expresses nihilism at its best.

With images like "birds flying high" and "sun in the sky", the singer exclaims that

"It’s a new day

It’s a new life

For me

And I’m feeling good."

Bellamy has a diverse vocal range, so he added to Nina Simone’s original work, using synthesizers and electric guitars providing the song with a more modern style.

These songs are exquisite, and, they are not the only ones we have for the rock band Muse, so check them out if you are a fan or simply want to experiment more with new and fresh songs.

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Piano tutorial and cover

Feeling Good - Muse piano tutorial

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