Tchaikovsky - Swan Lake Main Theme sheet music

Swan Lake is a ballet composed by the grand master Tchaikovsky in 1876.

The story of the song is that of princess Odette, who has been turned into a swan by a curse. It has been presented in many variants and is still being played differently according to region.

With the swan being a sign of the Russian nation, the song has been called a national ballet and now we are happy to provide you with the piano sheet for the first scene of Act I, the Allegro giusto.

The choreographer for the entire Swan Lake ballet was Julius Reisinger, who had been part of the Bolshoi Ballet when he worked with Tchaikovsky, who had to study the music of ballet connoisseurs like Cesare Pugni and Ludwig Minkus, but he admired most composers such as Adolphe Adam, Riccardo Drigo and Leo Delibes.

The work involved in Swan Lake contains reused parts of his past unfinished operas, making the collaboration with Reisinger, who said that some of his numbers were not good for usage in ballet dancing. Tchaikovsky protested and they were reinstated, as was their work on the song, seeing as the Russian composer was eager to create it.

He only ever took one year to create such a beautiful piece of art, which is little time compared to what other’s took. The orchestration was done in only two seasons, the fall and winter of 1875, but the instrumentation took longer.

It premiered in Moscow in March 1877.

The premiere was not a success though and, as Modest, one of his brothers stated.

Even with all of the critics at that time, the ballet got played a lot and now it is considered one of the best, if not the best ballet dance ever.

Want to learn a song from one of the best composers in history? Well then, we hope you enjoy classical music, because the first scene of Act I in Swan Lake is an Allegro giusto, one of the best classical openings you can get for a song.

Put your piano to work now with these sweet Swan Lake piano sheets and try to learn all of this ballet song, you can see why it is so beautifully hard. Start with the first part now, watch the video tutorial to get a hang of it and don’t forget to visit BossPiano for other new sheets taht will make your piano smile.

Piano tutorial and cover

Swan Lake Main Theme - Tchaikovsky piano tutorial

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