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"Is This Love" is a song by Whitesnake on their self-titled album, which got released in 1987.

The band reached great commercial success with the album in the US, where it became eight times Platinum, reaching second on the US Billboard 200 and eighth on the UK Albums Chart.

Being a power ballad, the song has a slow tempo, but expresses emotion due to the drums, electric guitars and choirs. Written by their vocalist and leader, David Coverdale, alongside John Sykes, the song was initially meant for Tina Turner, as Coverdale himself admitted.

The song reached commercial success, became a hit and was featured on VH1’s "100 Greatest Love Songs" and the "Greatest Power Ballads" list.

As a single, "Is This Love" ranked ninth on the UK Singles Charts and second on the US ones, topped in the US only by their own "Here I Go Again".

Produced by Mike Stone and Keith Olsen, the song got released on March 23rd in UK and 20th September in the US.

At that time played by an intermediary band personnel, Whitesnake was formed of lead vocalist David Coverdale, John Sykes as the guitarist and backing vocals, bassist Neil Murray, drummer Aynsley Dunbar and Don Airey playing keyboards. Their power ballad song was requested by fans on their concerts and it became one of the best power ballads ever.

The music video features David Coverdale with her girlfriend at the time, actress Tawny Kitaen. The band is featured in the video as playing on a stage full of mist, Coverdale’s singing pictures appearing from time to time, intertwined with segments of him with Kitaen or just her dancing.

A great love song and a great rock song, "Is This Love" by Whitesnake reached great success globally, being even in the last decades played or covered by different artists, such as The Audio Thieves, Thomas Anders, or Stacey Jackson.

A song for emotional hearts, a song full of feeling and passion, "Is This Love" has its own free piano sheet ready for you.

Ttrying this long-lasting musical creation is worth the effort, it’s a song that has lasted through decades and can last through centuries as one of the best rock love songs ever.

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