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"What I've Done" by Linkin Park is a song from the 2007 album "Minutes to Midnight", which was their third studio album.

Being the first single from the album, it has been made available as a radio single on the first of April, 2007, one day later as a digital download worldwide and at the end of the month even as a CD single.

It has been recorded in The Mansion, in Los Angeles, California in 2006 for the Warner Bros label, being written solely by the band members.

The production team was composed of Rick Rubin, Hans Zimmer, Mike Shinoda, Diarmuid Quinn and Randy Spendlove.

"What I've Done" marks the beginning of a style change for Linkin Park, with more raw drums and guitars, as vocalist Chester Bennington said himself. Mike Shinoda, even if not involved very much as a vocalist in the song or the live performances, has remixed the song, making for a new version, a Distorted Remix one, which got included on the B-side of "Bleed It Out".

This remix has been featured on the "Minutes to Midnight" tour and on their CD "Underground X: Demos".

The music video was filmed in the Californian desert, expressing many global problems such as pollution, racism, the Holocaust, terrorism, Nazism, the Ku Klux Klan, obesity, starvation, obesity and many others. Also, in the video there are featured images of many historical figures such as Gautama Buddha, Robert Kennedy, Mao Zedong, Adolf Hitler, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Gandhi, Fidel Castro, Benito Mussolini and others. The music video has been made the winner of MTV’s Battle of the Videos and even got the top place of the MTV TRL several times.

"What I've Done" by Linkin Park started off on the seventh place of the US Hot 100 charts and its digital sells made it get fourth place on the digital charts. By 2011, it sold over 3 million copies and became their most commercially successful single in the United States.

It topped the Modern Rock charts since its debut and lasted for almost 4 months at the top of the Alternative Songs charts. It also topped the Mainstream Rock charts for 2 months.

The live version of the single was nominated for a Grammy Award in 2010, for "Best Hard Rock Performance", failing to win it though. In 2007, it was also used for the movie "Transformers" and got featured on the album "Transformers: The Album". It got certified triple Platinum by the RIAA and was featured in the game "Guitar Hero World Tour", as well as featured on a DLC for "Rock Band 3".

It also got certified Gold in Germany, Italy and Japan.

"What I've Done" by Linkin Park is a great alternative rock song with heavy guitars and a wonderful piano instrumental.

If you want to learn how to play it on piano, feel free to use the piano sheet listed on this page!

Piano tutorial and cover

What I've Done - Linkin Park piano tutorial

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