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Jackson Browne is an American singer and songwriter, born in 1948 in Germany.

He sold over 18 million albums in the US and recorder a lot of singles that were number one on charts, such as These Days, The Pretender, Take it Easy, and so on.

These Days is a song written by him and published in 1967, but firstly recorded and released by Nico in its original version, in 1967. The song was recorded also by Paul Westerberg, Fountains of Wayne, David Allan Coe, and many others.

Looking into the free These Days piano sheet music, we can find elements like piano, drum, bass, acoustic guitar, and Flatpicking.

It is considered a classic evergreen that ranked high in many charts over the years and the genre in which is positioned is Folk-pop and chamber folk. Even 50 years after it was first recorded, These Days it is a very well-known song that makes waves when hearing it.

The song is a little sad, the meaning of the lyrics being about regret and remembrance, and the most wondering thing is that Jackson wrote these lyrics when he was just 16 years old.

This is what made the song so unique, that someone so young wrote and interpreted a song about such heavy things in life and had such a good perspective about it.

All the song’s interpretations after Jackson were by aged people or experienced, that could sustain those lyrics.

Some lyrics from Jackson’s interpretation were changed from the original version or omitted, such as a couple of lines about rambling and gambling.

These Days has been given new visibility in 2001 when Nico recording was included in a movie scene in The Royal Tenenbaums, which gained many award nominations. After that, there was a new wave of using the songs in commercials, movies, tv shows, and concerts.

You can use the free These Days piano sheets from our website so you can play it at your piano.

Piano tutorial and cover

These Days - Jackson Browne piano tutorial

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