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The song called "Lost Stars" was originally performed by the famous band Maroon 5’s lead singer, Adam Levine, singer that received numerous appraisals in general and, undoubtedly, for this song too. It was played for the first time for the film "Begin Again", being considered fit for the story of the film.

The song was released in 2014, June, by ALXNDR, 222 Records, Polydor, and Interscope in the US.

The producers and at the same time writers of the song were Gregg Alexander, Danielle Brisebois, Nick Lashley and Nick Southwood, who have done a great job in its creation.

The melody is also impressive and gives the song an even greater importance in the film. It can be played piano, guitar, or other instruments, because either way, it sounds beautiful.

Another important thing to mention, related to the film is that the main actress, Keira Knightley, plays her role in n extraordinary manner and, considering the fact that the basis of the film are musical, the actress also performs in a unique way, showing her multi- talented personality, the song "Lost Stars", during some memorable scenes in the movie.

The song was recorded in New York, in the middle of 2012, at Electric Lady Studios.

Even though the beautiful actress performs the song in a great manner, Keira did not put a lot of accent on it in the development of her musical career, which, talking about, is new but fast growing.

When it comes to the nominations of the song, they are not few, among them being the nomination for a 2015 Critics Choice Award for Best Original Song. Unfortunately, the award went to John Legend’s "Glory".

As genre, it is pop and this detail improves the quality of Adam’s performance, considering that pop is his special style, but also Keira’s. in addition, Stevie McCrorie created a cover of the song, which was also considered awesome by the public opinion. He released it in the UK in April 2015, delighting his fans.

To conclude, it is a song performed by numerous artists, both singers or actors – actress, in this case – but no matter the person, it remains a great song, appreciated at an international level. More and more covers of the song "Lost Stars" appear on the internet, but Keira’s performance in the movie remains unique.

Still, if you’re thinking of creating your own version of the song, a piano could help you fulfill your desire and, why not, you could use the free piano sheet we offer you. And note by note…you will discover why people love the song.

Piano tutorial and cover

Lost Stars - Keira Knightley piano tutorial

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