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Crazy in Love is the debut song by Beyonce, featuring Jay-Z.

Written and composed by producer Rich Harrison, alongside the two singers, the single was meant for Beyonce’s album "Dangerously in Love".

Released by Columbia Records in 2003 as the lead single for the album, the song was highly praised and, in the US, got to peak the Billboard Hot 100 charts for 8 weeks in a row. Also reaching top in the UK charts and top 10 in several places of the world, such as Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada and many other, it became one of the best-selling singles ever, with over 2 million in the US and over 8 million worldwide.

Producer Rich Harrison sampled a 70s song titled "Are You My Woman(Tell Me So)" and, after getting a call from Beyonce, they started writing the lyrics for the beat, which was innovative and retro at the same time. In three months’ time, after Jay-Z was added as a guest star for the song, it was finished and ready to hit the market.

Mixing genres such as R&B and pop, the song is a love song, with funk and hip-hop influences, as well as soul, Beyonce’s voice being the right voice for such a style.

With cowbell and horn riffs and a hip-hop energizing beat, the song also incorporated big drums and samba rhythms. Check also the free Crazy in Love piano sheet music.

The lyrics state a romantic vibe, Beyonce sounding "loose and sexy". The bridge features lyrics that are expressing that love makes you crazy and careless, even carefree.

Being called the Summer Anthem of 2003 and a "stunning pop masterpiece", its simplicity and addicting hip-hop beats making it receive great critical reception and many praises worldwide, with a "fresh sound". Getting nominated for 3 Grammy Awards, the song won two and its remixes were fairly successful as well. Even in Europe the song won an MTV Award, among others.

Getting listed on Rolling Stone’s list of the greatest 500 songs of all time and also getting top on the VH1’s 100 Greatest Songs of the 2000s, Crazy in Love has been the breakthrough of Beyonce, which since then has continued to rise in fame and become an international model for pop and R&B singers.

We hope you can enjoy this masterpiece to its fullest by using the Crazy in Love free piano sheets listed below.

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Crazy in Love - Beyonce piano tutorial

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