Michael Jackson - Man in the Mirror sheet music

Michael Jackson is a pop sensation in the musical area.

During his career, Michael managed to release memorable hit songs as is the case of the song Man in the Mirror.

The song was released on 9 January 1988.

The lyrics were written by Glen Ballard in partnership with Siedah Garrett, receiving the help of Quincy Jones for the production of it.

The melody belongs to the album Bad and it reached a huge success, being sold in over 1.3 million copies.

The fame of this song was guaranteed by the lesson it offers.

Behind the lyrics, the listener discovers a motivational message: be the change you want to see in the world.

The free Man in The Mirror piano sheet music presents a series of problems from the real world, like starvation, poverty, or hate.

The solution is between the lines: Michael sings out loud that we are the rescue and by changing ourselves and our attitude, we can change the world. In other words, each one of us must take a look at the man in the mirror in order to make this world a better place for everyone.

The melodic line of the free Man in The Mirror piano sheets is a very specific one, Man in the Mirror being a fusion of background vocals and gospel.

Those surprising elements ensure the unique character of the song, along with Michael’s voice. Michael himself admitted that this song is one of his favorites and lately, he took over the gospel touch for several songs.

This soul song is a masterpiece played in G major, on a sweet melodic line that carries Michael’s voice.

The fame Michael reached with this hit song was huge.

The list of prices he won includes multiple 1st positions on Billboard, the 7th position on Eurochart, numerous classifications in the musical tops of different countries, and a nominalization at the Grammy Awards for the Record of the Year.

There are plenty of live versions of this song and many people felt inspired by Jackson’s message.

Piano tutorial and cover

Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson piano tutorial

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