Jason Mraz - 93 Million Miles sheet music

Jason Mraz doesn’t need any introduction because he is a worldwide famous singer.

His songs were listened all around the world, some of them being used on different commercials. Among his top songs we meet I’m Yours and 93 Million Miles.

The song 93 Million Miles was written in 2012, being released on March, 12 on iTunes and in October 2012 as an official single. It belongs to the album Love is a Four Letter Word. Jason wrote the lyrics, alongside Michael Natter and Mike Daly and the producer Joe Chiccarelli helped at the releasing of the track.

Jason has an unmistakable musical style that emits optimism, calmness and gladness. This song is a proof that Jason promotes the positivity through his lyrics. Speaking of lyrics, this song is a ballad of wellness. From head to tail, Jason sings about the importance of believing in miracles, enjoying the moment and he exhorts the listener to see the good in every situation.

As far as that goes the title, 93 Million Miles represent the exact distance between the Earth and the Sun. The title is relevant for the content because it leads to the idea that wherever you are on this planet you can call it "home" because you’re in the same place by reference to the entire universe.

Also, Mraz debates the meaning of the term "home": in the first instance, home is the place you were born and grew up, where your family is; secondly, "home" is feeling you get once you are comfortable with life. Through this song, the listeners are encouraged to do their best to feel like home wherever they are on this planet because, after all, they are at exactly 93 million miles away from the Sun.

The musical rhythm Mraz chose is a softening one. Jason’s fans are accommodated with the musical style he approaches. In this song, Jason uses only the guitar but in different harmonies. We found the melodic line interesting and we made a free piano sheet, you can find it right below.

The music video was produced by Jeff Coffman and presents Jason’s performance at a concert in Denver, at the Red Rocks Amphitheatre. There are surprised different facial expressions of his fans, which includes happiness, surprise, caring or eagerness.

Jason had a great success with this song, entering in different Billboard charts and managing to take part of the musical charts from different countries like Brazil or United States.

Piano tutorial and cover

93 Million Miles - Jason Mraz piano tutorial

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