Magic! - Rude sheet music

You don’t have to be so Rude and not even listen to this song, which had a lot of success, despite all that parodies that were made and all that criticism for various reasons.

Firstly, we must find who is the song creator. Well, actually it’s a band, a Canadian reggae fusion band, named Magic!. They released the song on February 24, 2014, at Sony Music Entertainment, being the debut single from their debut studio album Don’t kill the Magic.

The free Rude piano sheets were made public shortly after, and the fans loved them instantly.

Rude was written by Mark Pellizzer, Nasri, Ben Spivak, Adam Messinger, and Alex Tanas, and produced by Adam Messinger.

It’s not difficult to figure it out that the song sounds a lot of like reggae music. Even the title is inspired from the reggae term rude boy that originated in 1960s Jamaican street culture, still being used today. Now in the United Kingdom, the terms rude boy and also rude girl are used in a similar way to gangster or badman.

The reggae melodic line is the one who attracts the audience. The catchy relaxing rhythm make you fall for this song in the minute you play it. That’s the way we fell for this song and transcribed its beautiful free Rude piano sheet music just for you.

Another interesting thing about the song is that it’s based on a real-life situation. Nasri, the lead singer of Magic! had a relationship with a girl which was kind of unhealthy. After Nasri got in a fight with his girlfriend, the band based the song off of that headline.

A lot of people found in these gestures something obsessive. Actually, this could sound a little bit aggressive.

The song Rude enjoyed a number six classification on the Canadian Hot 100. Internationally, it topped the charts in the United States and the United Kingdom and reached within the top ten of the charts in different countries like Australia, Romania, Sweden or Denmark.

In another words, it would be rude not to admit that this is a very successfully song and it deserves occupying high positions in musical charts.

Piano tutorial and cover

Rude - Magic! piano tutorial

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