Gotye - Somebody That I Used to Know sheet music

Gotye touched the hearts of every heart-broken person when he released the song Somebody That I Used to Know. This Australian singer and songwriter managed to become in 2011 the voice of all people hurt by love.

The song Somebody That I Used to Know is written by Gotye and he sung it alongside the singer and guitarist Kimbra, from New Zeeland and it belongs to Gotye’s third album, Making Mirrors. It was interesting to find out that this successful song wasn’t recorded in a studio, but in Gotye’s parent’s house.

Firstly, the song was released with the help of Eleven Music Company in New Zeeland and Australia on July 5, 2011. Universal Music Group released the song in countries like United States, Ireland and United Kingdom.

The song is an indie-pop love ballad. Gotye felt inspired by the song Seville of Luiz Bonfa and amended it by adding some drums and guitar harmonies. Even though, this song has a complex musical rhythm which alternate between xylophone, drums and guitars.

This makes the free Somebody That I Used to Know piano sheet music a perfect song to play with your friends.

Gotye composed the lyrics of this song and it is known that he was inspired by a past relationship which brought him pain. It is impossible not to resonate with Gotye’s thoughts if you ever met the strange force of love. At some point in our lives, each one of us describes a past relationship as an ache I still remember.

Further, the song presents the idea of the circle of love: from strangers, you become friends, then you become lovers and when the love is gone, you become strangers again.

The music video is produced by the famous Natasha Pincus and it reached over a half of billion views on YouTube. Natasha used for the video an unique technique: motion frame clip. At the beginning, Gotye shows up, naked and his skin is painted by degrees by the animation technique.

The song enjoyed an enormous success, being nominated for many times at Billboard. At international level, Gotye and Kimbra entered in numerous musical charts, ranking 1st place in different countries.

We decided to create the free Somebody That I Used to Know piano sheets just for you in order to make Gotye even more famous than he is.

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Somebody That I Used to Know - Gotye piano tutorial

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